Avalokitesvara as a merciful mother


The Avalokitesvara as a merciful mother statue expresses compassion, saving the souls of the many children who die tragically early without having a chance to have a long and healthy life. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, families who had lost precious children and other members experienced extreme sadness.  Other people lost friends, coworkers, and other loved ones.




Professors Eisho Yoshida and Isao Yanagimoto of Minobusan University were two of the volunteers who went to help after the earthquake.  Seeing the depth of sadness of the victims, the professors wanted to help in any way possible.  In June of 2011, the Buddhist Art Workshop of Minobusan University began work on a large-scale Avalokitesvara as a merciful mother statue, both to save the souls of the deceased and also to console those who still grieve for their lost loved ones.